Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Reset Thermal Printer LP2844 to the Factory Default Values

Thermal printers stores setting that affects how shipping label prints. Sometimes, resetting the printer solves some of the problems so as to start with a clean slate. Normally, you can reset thermal printer by just turning it "Off" then "On". However, some settings that reside in the printer memory are not reset. In this case user may need to reset the printer to the factory defaults.

Here are the steps:

Note: It is required that you have setup your thermal printer first before proceeding with the steps below. See help topic "Printing Integrated Shipping Labels With a Thermal Printer"

1. Open a Notepad. 
2. Type in: 

3. Click save. 
4. Name it as Resetprinter.epl2 
5. Make sure to select "All" in the file types field. 
6. Click save button. 
7. Run this via the associated label.bat file by double clicking it.

This file will send the necessary command to the printer to reset it to factory defaults.

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