Saturday, October 27, 2018

Saved Search for Credit Memo to Exclude Transactions with no Cost of Goods Sold Impact (COGS)

Add this filter under Criteria tab > Standard subtab > Filter column to exclude all transactions that do not have an impact to the Cost of Goods Sold Account Type:

Field: Formula (Numeric) | Field: Select form the fields available = COGS Amount | Formula (Numeric): greater than | Value: type in = 0 (zero amount)

Using Account Type = Cost of Goods Sold filter will not filter transactions with zero amount COGS. This is because the GL Impact details of each transaction under More Actions > GL Impact cannot display any account that has a zero impact on the recorded transaction.

The credit memo will be recorded in the Cost of Goods Sold Register page where the search bases the GL account information but the amount is equal to zero.  


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