Thursday, October 18, 2018

Some Shortcut Buttons Are Not Listed under Create New List When Viewing Records

When viewing records in NetSuite, e.g. customers, Create New list can be used to easily access the buttons to create new related records (e.g. PDF, Letter, Contact, etc.).

The buttons that appear under Create New list depends on:
    - the user's permissions
    - the form used to view the record

If a user reports that Letter does not appear on the Create New list when viewing a customer record, the steps below can be followed to identify the cause of the issue:

A. Check if the user's role has permission to create letters
1. Log in using the Administrator role.
2. Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles.
3. Edit the role in question.
4. Under Permissions tab > Lists subtab, check if Letter Messages permission is listed. Otherwise, add this permission and set the level of access to Create (at least).
5. Click Save.

B. Check if the record's form shows the tab where the button is set by default
6. Edit any customer record.
7. Hover over the Customize menu located in the upper right-side of the page and click the Customize Form link.
8. Under Subtabs tab, make sure the Show checkbox for Communication tabs is marked.
9. Click Save.

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