Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Standard Tax Code is automatically selected in Purchase transactions for EU vendors who are not VAT Registered

Steps to Reproduce:

1) Navigate to Lists > Relationships > Vendors > New > fill out all important fields > go to Financial tab > Set Tax Reg. Number blank

2) Navigate to Transactions > Purchases/Vendors > Enter Purchase Order > Vendor field= enter the vendor above

3) Enter an item, notice that the SR-GB or Standard Tax Code defaults in the Tax Code column field.

Vendors who are not VAT registered cannot charge VAT and customers cannot reclaim VAT from the Tax Authority.

To rectify this:

1) Navigate to Lists > Relationships > Vendors > edit the Vendor record

2) Click Financial tab > Tax Item = select the Out of Scope or Undefined tax code

3) Save

Note: This is related to Defect 208822  (Transactions > Purchases/Vendors > Enter Purchase Orders/ Bills > Standard Tax Code is automatically selected for Vendors without Tax ID).

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