Wednesday, October 31, 2018

To update inventory item Item Weight via CSV Import


·        Lists> Mass Update> General updates> Inventory Item> Massupdate fields tab> Item weight is currently not available for Mass Update which filed as enhancementunder Issue#144534



·        Create CSV file containing the following columns:

Internal Id

Item Weight

Weight Unit

·        Navigate to Setup > Import/Exports> Import CSV Records

·        Set:

Import Type = Items

Record Type = Inventory Item

·        Click One File To Upload under CSV File(s), click Onefile to upload

·        Select the file

·        Click Next

·        Set Data Handling = Update

·        Click Next

·        Set the following underthe Field Mapping page:

Internal ID <> Internal ID

Item Weight <> Item Weight

Weight Unit <> Weight Unit

·        Click Next

·        Enter Import Map Name

·        Click Save & Run

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