Thursday, October 25, 2018

Track Promo Codes through Online Customer Forms

In order to use a promo code in an online customer form, it must be used within a Marketing Campaign.

1. Navigate to Lists > Marketing > Marketing Campaigns.
2. Click New .
3. Populate any mandatory fields
4. Under the Events tab, select Other Events unless it needs to be associated with a specific event, such as mass email.
5. Enter the Promo Code in the Promotion Code column.
Note: The user has the option to either select an existing promo code or create a new one on the fly by clicking Newv
6. Click Save

To associate the campaign with the online form, follow steps below 
1. Navigate to Setup > Marketing > Online Customer Forms
2. Create or update a Online Customer Forms
3. Click on Set up Workflow subtab.
4. Select the Campaign under the Set Lead Source filed
5. Click Save

User can now track and report lead creation from the promotion code used.

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