Sunday, October 14, 2018

Users Cannot Click on the Attached File on any Record or Transaction

Scenario: User cannot click on the file attached to any record/transaction. The role being used has Full level of access of Documents and Files permission.

1. View any record/transactions with attachment.
2. Click View link on any messages with attachment under Communications tab > Messages subtab.

Note: The file is showing under Attachments tab and the user is unable to click or open the file.


The Folder where the file attached is located may have restrictions set. In most cases, the Folder has Restrictions by Group and the user who cannot open the attached file does not belong to the Group.

To check for restrictions, perform the steps below:

1. Navigate to Documents > Files > File Cabinet.
2. Edit the folder where the file is located.
3. Check if there are any Restrictions set.  

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