Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Using Use Expressions in creating conditions via Visual Builder in workflows


This article shows how a user can utilize Use Expressions in having multiple conditions via the Visual Builder in workflows.

1. Create a new workflow by navigating to  Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New

2. Define the workflow
    a. Name = Set field based on 2 conditions
    b. Record Type = Transaction
    c. Sub Types = Sales Order
    d. Release Status = Testing
    e. On Create = TRUE
    f. Trigger Type = All
    g. Click Save.

3. To add a workflow state, click New State and set Name = Set Field. Click Save.

4. To add an action to the state, click New Action.
    a. Select Set Field Value.
    b. Trigger on = After Field Edit
    c. Client Fields = Department (Main) ; Exclude Commissions
    d. Condition = Visual Builder: (Department (Main) Is Not Empty And Exclude Commissions = T)
        d.1. Select Visual Builder
        d.2. On the New Workflow Condition window, put a checkmark on Use Expressions
        d.3. For the first condition, select the following:
            - Parens = ( 
            - Field = Department (Main) 
            - Compare Type = not empty 
            - And/Or = And 
            - Click Add
        d.4. For the second condition, select the following:
            - Field = Exclude Commissions 
            - Compare Type = checked 
            - Parens = ) 
            - Click Add
        d.5. Click Save.       
    e. Field = Memo
    f. Value = Static Value: 2 conditions met
    g. Click Save.

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