Sunday, November 11, 2018

Ability to Select Created by instead of Sales Rep as a Filter and/or Column on Opportunity Searches/Reports

User wants to know who actually created an Opportunity via Reports/Search.  Any user can call a Customer owned by other Sales Reps and enter in Opportunities for them.  All metrics/reporting therefore need to have both the Created By and Sales Rep exposed.


Following Enhancements found asking for this:

  • Enhancement 139985: Transactions > Sales > Create Opportunities > List > Customize View > Results > Expose Created By field

Alternate Solution:


1.    Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Transaction Body Field > New.

o    Set the following in the top area of the form

§  Name: Custom Created By

§  Type: List/Record

§  List/Record: Employee

§  Store Value: True (Make sure this is set. If it is not then it won't be stored and will change every time you view/edit the entry)

§  Show in List: True (if you want it to automatically show up on default lists

§  Global Search: True (if you want to be able to have global search look in this field for matches)

o    Under Applies To tab Set:

§  Sales = True

§  Opportunity = True

o    Under Display tab Set:

§  Subtab = Main

§  Display Type = Disabled (this setting guarantees the field cannot be changed once set)

o    Under Validation & Default tab Set:

§  Mandatory = True

§  Dynamic Default = Current User
Note: The field displays current user who is the one who created it and as the field is disabled, it cannot be changed by a user and always remains this way.

o    Click Save

o    Navigate back to the new field

§  Click on Apply to Forms and check off all the forms users want to see it this new field on


2.    At this point any new Sales/Opportunity transactions entered have this field populated automatically with the user creating the transaction


3.    This field is now available to be selected on Searches/Reports


Other Enhancement found that support similar (more general) scenarios for all record types:

  • Enhancement 175223: Entity Records/Transactions: Expose Created By field to see who created record
  • Enhancement 146210: Report Customization: Please add Set by or Created by fields to all reports

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