Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Add a Blank Footer Filter on a Custom Report

Users can add a filter in the Report Builder and show it in footer at the same time. However, when adding a filter in the report, you cannot click Done without entering a value.

To illustrate, let's say we need to add a customer name footer filter in Custom Sales by Customer Summary report, but not set any values yet therein:
  • Go to Reports > Sales > Sales by Customer > Customize Summary 
  • Go to the Filters section
  • Expand the Customer/Project folder and select Name to add it in the filter
  • Since you do not want to filter the report yet and you just want to display the Name footer filter in the report result, do not enter any value in the filter and click Done

Notice that if you click Done it throws "Please enter value for this filter".

To resolve this:
  • Skip and do not click Done, instead immediately mark the Show in Filter Region box next to it
  • Preview or Save

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