Sunday, November 4, 2018

Change the Email Address Used to Access Results of the Exported Saved Report in Excel Web Query

Email address used to access the results of the exported report in Excel Web Query is tied up to the owner of the saved report. Changing the owner of the saved report does not easily change the email address used to access the results of the report in Excel Web Query. This will still result to the error message: You have entered an invalid e-mail address. Please try again.

To be able to grant the new owner access to the web query results using their email address follow the steps below:

1.       Have the intended new owner login to NetSuite using their account. Make sure they are given the permission to edit the saved report.

2.       Once logged in, pull up the report.

3.       Click Customize

4.       Click More Options link

5.       On the Owner field, assign the new owner.

6.       Hit Save

When user tries to access the web query results, the new email address of the new owner will be used.


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