Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Copy an Existing Promotion Code

Consider the following scenario:

Make Copy feature is not available option for Promotion Code. Creating a new Promotion Code similar to an existing offers with associated Items, Partners and Rates could take a lot of time without the Make Copy feature.

To create a copy for a Promotion Code, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Lists > Marketing > Promotions.

2. Click Edit on the Promo Code that you would like to copy.

3. Click Save & Copy and then click OK.

4. Enter the new Promo Code Name.
Note: If there is a Coupon code, type/assign a new one.

If user uses the old Coupon Code Name, user cannot save the copied Promotion because of the message Coupon Code already exists.

5. Click Save.

Discount offers and details such as Rate, Partners and Items should be copied on the new Promo Code.

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