Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Create a Transaction Saved Search to View Unapproved Customer Payments and Edit them


1. Create a transaction saved search to pull up transactions in the Unapproved Customer Payment

-- Navigate to Lists>Search>Saved Searches>New>Transaction

A. Under Criteria tab:
Name=Customer name
Account=Unapproved Customer payment
Main Line=true

B. Under Results tab:
Document Number

C. Click Save&Run

2. View the transactions and Edit
-- Click the Date link beside the Refund/Payment>Edit>Refund Method
-- Under Payment tab > Have the CC Approved=checked
3. Click Save

Note: Do these for for all transactions and notice that the Account will not be in the Unapproved Customer Payment state.

Kindly preview an invoice after doing the above and notice that the invoice is now displaying correct aging balance here.


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