Monday, November 26, 2018

CSV Import: Customers Only > Error: Invalid parent reference key xx

The error is being thrown if the format of the Parent Customer is not the same as seen on the User Interface (Customer record > Child of field). User should either enter the correct Parent Customer Name format or Parent Customer Internal ID on the CSV Import File. However, when creating a CSV import file, best practice is to use Internal IDs instead to avoid this kind of error.

To resolve:

1. Create a CSV Import file with the following headers:

-Child Internal ID

-Parent Internal ID

2. Update the Parent Company using CSV Import.

-Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records.

-Import Type = Relationships

-Record Type = Customers Only

-Data Handling = Update

-Map the following fields:

--Child Internal ID = Internal ID

--Parent Internal ID = Child Of

*Click on the pencil icon and Choose Reference Type = Internal ID (If Parent Customer Internal IDs) or Names (If Parent Customer Names) are being used > Hit Done.

-Hit Next.

-Hit Save & Run.


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