Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Identify if a Cash Refund has been Deposited Already

Cash Refunds can be identified as Deposited if it has the link on the top left corner of the transaction.

Below is a saved search for a list of cash refunds and deposits associated to it:


1.       Navigate to Transactions> Management> Saved Searches> New>

2.        Click 'Transactions'

3.        Set on the Criteria tab the following:

        a. Type = Cash Refund

        b. Main Line = True

4.    Set on the Results tab the following;

        a. *

        b. Date

        c. Number

        d. Date Deposited/Refunded

        e. Applying Transaction

        (Note: Add fields as needed)

5.     Name Saved Search (e.g. Cash Refund Link) and click 'Save & Run'.


Note: This will show all cash refunds and if they were deposited already.

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