Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Information Item to be Accessible only via Promotional URL

This article will describe how to hide an Information Item when navigating to a web store and be accessed only via Promotional URL.

This setup is needed so that the Information Item can only be accessed by selected customers that will be granted of this special promo.  To do this user will need to:

A. First create a web store tab that will not be displayed in the web store.

1.  Navigate to Lists > Web Site > Tabs > New > New Presentation Tab
2.  Enter the name for the tab.  Ex: Hidden tab
3.  Display in Web Site = False

B. Create the Information Item record

1.  Navigate to Lists > Web Site > Information Item
2.  Under the Site Category sub-tab, select the hidden tab
3.  Save

C. Next is to create the Promotional URL

1.  Navigate to Lists > Web Site > Promotional URLs > New
2.  Enter the following:

Name = enter preferred Name 
Page Type = Web Site Information Item
Page = desired/created information item

3.  Save

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