Friday, November 30, 2018

Manually Created Journal Entries Posted to Withholding Tax Account do not Show in Withholding Tax Reports

Journal entries for withholding taxes are automatically created through the use of Philippines Bundle (ID=15336). The bundle does not allow modification of WT journal entries due to audit purposes (see Enhancement 195801). 

Because of this, some users attempt to create a manual journal entries to change the outcome of the withholding tax reports (Form 1601-E, Form 2307 and MAP). However, a manually created journal entry will not be included in these reports even if it is posted to a Withholding Tax account.

This is due to the following reasons:

  1. The withholding tax reports are driven by a hidden custom field (checkbox) in the journal entry form called WT Tax Line.
  2. This custom column field is hidden because the Display Type  is set to Disabled  and a script in a journal entry form called Journal Entry Restrict Edit - UE hides it.
  3. Since the WT Tax Line is locked by the bundle, there is no way that users can mark this. Thus manual journal entries do not form part of the withholding tax reports.

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