Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Print Invoice -- Bill to Address is Incorrect due to an Inactive Primary Contact

Here are the options userscan do to print the Invoice/Sales Order with the updated Bill to Address:
Option 1:

1. Navigate to Setup> Company > GeneralPreferences
2. Unmark or uncheck the preference Add Primary Contact toBill To Address
3. Hit Save.
4. To Reprint > Pull up Invoice > click Edit >under Address tab > toggle Bill to Select > click Save.

Option 2:
1. Locate the Contact listed on the Bill to. 
   a. Global Search this if user has this setting:

 Home > Set Preferences > Analyticstab > SearchInclude Inactives in Global &Quick Search = T
b. Lists> Relationships> Contacts> ShowInactives = T
2. On the Contact Record> General tab> Companies subtab>Remove the Company Attached
3. Update the Customer Record with a New Primary Contact refer to  AnswerId: 12131 
4. Edit Invoice and Print.

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