Monday, November 5, 2018

Process on Updating Company Address with the Premier Payroll Service and Tax Agencies

Below are the steps to follow by Premier Payroll user when thereare changes to the company address:


To update the company information on the user's NetSuite account:

: For permissions or access concerns, please contact theadministrator of your account

Navigate to Setup > Company > Company Information

2. For changes in address of a Subsidiary for a OneWorld account navigateto Setup > Company > Subsidiaries

3. Click Edit next to the name of the subsidiary

4. Update the following fields:

5. Click Save

6. Sync the updates done into the payroll tax engine through the Update Payroll Information screen:

a.Navigate to Setup > Payroll > Update PayrollInformation

b. If youhave a NetSuite OneWorld account, select a subsidiary from the dropdown list inthe Subsidiary field
c. Click the Agree checkbox
d. Click Commit Updates

     e. Navigate to the ToResolve tab to check for any errors and resolve, if any.


To update company information with the Internal Revenue Service(IRS):

1. Download IRS Form 8822-B from

2. Complete the form. 

Note: Theform can be edited and saved.

3. U.S. mail the duly accomplished form to the IRS. Address is found on the Where To File section of the form.


To update company information with the state and local jurisdictionsthrough Premier Payroll Service:

1. Send a copy of the completed IRS Form 8822-B  to Ceridian throughNetSuite Customer Support. 

2. Inform the Support Representative if the legal address isdifferent from the mailing address.  Ceridianstores the legal address separately from the mailing address. Upon receipt ofthe form, Support coordinates with Ceridian to process the updates in theirsystem.

3. Employers are also responsiblein notifying all states and local tax agencies they are active in.

: Ceridian's authority to transact on premier payroll user'sbehalf is granted through the Power of Attorney submitted duringimplementation.  For new jurisdictions,kindly submit the paperworks through NetSuite Customer Support.


For more current information, please visit IRS web site:


Disclaimer: This article is writtenwith the undertaking that tax forms, rules and laws are constantly changing andthe topic is updated at the publish date. 

We are not providing tax consulting and have no control over thewebsites provided in the article.  Forthe most current information, please contact your accountant/tax consultant,call the tax agency or visit the government official website.

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