Saturday, November 10, 2018

Reference Information Displayed on USPS Shipping Labels

Including reference information on the printed Shipping Label helps you track packages with the carrier and with your customers.


If you are using USPS as the Shipping Carrier when shipping items to your customers, you can add more information on the Shipping Label by using the Reference Information fields in NetSuite. You can select two of the information below to be printed on the USPS Shipping Labels by default.

  • Customer Email
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Phone Number
  • Item Name
  • Order Number
  • Purchase Order Number

To set it up, please follow the procedures below:


1.      Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Shipping

2.      On the Set Up Shipping page, go to the Preferences tab

3.      Under the Reference Fields section, select from the Reference # 1 and Reference # 2 fields the desired default values.


The values selected here are automatically copied into the Reference # 1 and Reference # 2 fields on the Packages tab of order fulfillments. If an order has more than one package, those information are included on each package on the order.


Please note that the value selected on the Reference fields above are only the default values, you can still change the value that would be printed out on the USPS shipping label on under the Packages tab of the Item Fulfillment.


If you select Item Name as the reference information type, the name of the first item on the order is used.


For International Shipments, Reference fields are not displayed.


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