Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Reminder Type and Reminder Field Shown as Blank when Viewing an Activity

The reminder type and reminder interval are user specific. Meaning, if User A creates a Task for User B, then the Reminder Type and Interval will only be viewable when User B views the Task record, but will appear as [Blank/None] when User A views it, even if User A is the one who created the Task. The reason behind this is because the Task created is saved for User B only and this will appear on User B's calendar.

To reproduce, do the following tests:

1. Login as User A and navigate to Activities > Scheduling > Tasks > New

2. Fill out the form and set the following:

  Assigned to = User B
  Reminder Type = Browser
  Reminder = 15 Minutes

3. Click Save.

4. Notice that the saved record comes up with Reminder Type/Interval = None

5. Login as User B and check the Calendar.

6. Pull up the Task and notice that the correct Reminder Type/Interval is saved

In a nutshell, the Reminder Type/Interval will only be viewable to the User set under the Assigned To field. This is by design.

Note: This same behaviour applies to Events and Phone Calls.

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