Friday, November 30, 2018

Restore Cancelled Sales Order

Cancelled sales order is different from a closed sales order. While you can re-open a closed sales order, you cannot restore a cancelled sales order. The ability to restore a cancelled sales order is covered by Enhancement 28338 - Allow cancelled Sales Orders to be restored (un-cancelled).

When a sales order has been cancelled, the only option is to re-create the order or make a copy of the sales order.


1 comment:

  1. If a cancelled sales order cannot be restored, there is a problem so it would be good to update the system to make it possible. To do a new sales order only because the cancelled cannot be restored is not good. Because a delete button can be mistakenly pressed and the person drafting the sales order could return to it to introduce or update data. For example, I had drafted the SO 20233548 and after the authorization there was change of price of the 5th line. When the authorization was cancelled the SO was cancelled, when I could only return on it and change the price of the concerned line. I have now to create a new sales order instead of changing only the concerned line!