Monday, November 26, 2018

Restrict Certain IP Adresses from Ordering Online


In scenarios where users have identified that a certain IP address is creating fraudulent transaction on the Web Store, user can create a script that will block a certain IP address from checking out.
Follow steps below:
I. Create a Web Site Tag
1. Navigate to Setup> Site Builder >  Tags > New 
2. Set the following: 
Description:  Tag used to block a certain IP address from being able to order online 
Default Value :  Leave this field blank 
3. Save

II. Assign the tag to the Addition to <head> section 
1. Navigate to Setup > Site Builder > Set up Web Site > Analytics tab
2. On the Addition to <head> field add the tag created in Step I
Note: Enter it in this format: <BLOCKIP>
3. Save 
III. Assign the substitution on the Checkout process.
1. Navigate to List > Website > Tabs > Checkout 
2. Select the Tag Substitution subtab
3. On the Tag Column select BLOCKIP 
4. On the Substitution value, add the code below: 

Note: User can easily modify the actions that the script will do once it detects that IP address that will be restricted to purchase from the store.

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