Thursday, November 1, 2018

Run subsubsidiary in the same currency as the parent subsidiary in Financial Reports (i.e. Balance Sheet / Income Statement)


        Navigate to Setup > Company > Subsidiaries:

Parent Subsidiary has base currency A

Subsubsidiary has basecurrency B

  • Run Financial Report (Reports > Financial > i.e. Balance Sheet) for Subsubsidiary in the Parent Subsidiary's base currency



        Open the Financial Report with Subsidiary Context = Parent Subsidiary (Consolidated) to run reportin Parent Subsidiary's base currency A

1.   Navigate to Reports> Financial > Balance Sheet

2.   Set Subsidiary Context= Parent Subsidiary (Consolidated)

3.   Hit Refresh

4.   Click Customize

5.   Add another Subsidiaryfilter under Filters tab > Financial folder > Subsidiary field

Choose the Subsubsidiary name

Click Done

Click Done

Mark ShowIn Filter Region as True(to reuse the report for other subsidiaries)

        Rename then Saveor Preview the report

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