Thursday, November 15, 2018

Saved Search Alert for new Leads to have Reply To Email Address be the Lead's Email Address

When Sales Reps receive a Email Notification for a new Lead created, users want to be able to send an Email reply to thank the new Lead. Users cannot reply to the alert since it shows the Company Email Address or NetSuite default alert Email Address.

As an alternate solution, a Saved Search Alert can be used by doing the following:

1. Navigate to Reports > New Search.

2. Select Customer from the list and click on Create Saved Search button.

3. On the Email tab, check the option for Send Email Alerts when records are created/updated.

4. On the Email tab > Recipients subtab, select the employees who are supposed to receive the Email Notification.

5. On the Email tab > Customize Message subtab, set the following:

FROM: "New Customer" <{EMAIL}>
SUBJECT: New Customer Notification
Note: Users can change the Subject of the Email as needed as well as New Customer which represents the name of the sender. Users can use {Firstname} {Lastname} to retrieve the Firstname and Lastname entered on the record.

6. Save this Search.

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