Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Saved Transaction Search for Transfer Orders displays two (2) negative lines of inventory asset account for each line item

Below arethe criteria/results fields created for this search:

1. Navigate to List> Saved Searches> New> Transaction

2. On the Criteriatab> Standard sub tab> select the following:
- Type = Transfer Order


3. Navigate to Results tab> Columns subtab, select thefollowing fields:

- Date
- Number
- Account
- Amount
- Amount (Foreign Currency)

4. Enter Search Title and click on Preview or Save & Runbutton.


1st negative line data pertains to inventory asset account of Source Locationthat represents a contra-account of the "Transfer Order" account. It recordsthe booking entry to schedule the transfer of the inventory.
            Transfer Order Account
                 Inventory Asset Account (SourceLocation)        

Next negative line also pertains to the inventory asset account of the SourceLocation but is a contra-account of Inventory Asset Account for the DestinationLocation. It displays the movement of items that decreases inventory on theSource Location and increases on the Destination location.
               Inventory Asset Account (Destination)
                  Inventory Asset Account (Source Location)

As from our Help Guide: A transfer order is entered to schedule the movement ofitems and can go through an approval process. Approved transfers are thenfulfilled out of the source location and you know when the items are intransit. Finally, the destination location receives the items and the items arecounted in that location's inventory.

Note: Transfer Order is a non-posting transaction

To display only one row for the negative line item, use the Summary Type forresult fields. (i.e. Maximum for Amount field; Group for Number, Date, etc.)

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