Monday, November 5, 2018

Search Bin Numbers that were removed by the Adjust Inventory Worksheet form

Adjust Inventory Worksheet without bin numbers will remove bins that were previously assigned to the adjusted items. Create a saved search to identify these bins.


1. Navigate to List> Saved Searches> New> Transaction.
2. On the Criteria tab> Standard sub tab> set the following:
- Inventory Details fields…> Bin Number> select is none of –none-
- Type = Inventory Worksheet
- Date = enter the transaction date of the last Adjust Inventory Worksheet entered for the item.

3. Navigate to Results tab> Sort By = Item.
4. On the Columns subtab> Click on the Remove All button and add the following:
Field | Summary Type | Function
Number | Group
Item | Group
Location |Group
Inventory Detail Fields…> Bin Numbers | Group
Inventory Detail Fields…> Quantity | Minimum | Absolute Value.

5. Enter Search Title and click on Save & Run button.

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