Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Set the CC Processor to be the Default when User has more than one Credit Card Processor

• The default 'Credit Card Processor' listed on this field is based on the information found when we navigate to Setup > Accounting > Credit Card Processing.
• This current behaviour of this sorting setup is alphabetically.

This is being tracked under Enhancement 93447- Allow the ability to set a default credit card processor.

Two (2) Alternative Solutions to this:

1. Manually 'Edit' the Customer Record > Financial tab > Set this under 'Pref CC Processor' field

2. Manually 'Edit' the Credit Card Processor:

a. Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Credit Card Processing
b. Click 'Edit' on the Processor that needs to be set as a default.
c. Append a letter 'A' before the 'Name' field (e.g. ACyberSource)
d. Save.

This will now be the first Processor available under Setup > Accounting > Credit Card Processing and also under Transaction > Payment tab > 'Credit Card Processor' field: 'ACyberSource' will also be the default.

Note: Assign capital letters for the Alphabetical sorting to work. Assigning small letters (For example, "aCyberSource") will set the particular processor at the bottom of the list after the processor which begins with capital letters.  



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