Sunday, November 4, 2018

Setup Multiple Items with Different Packages Assigned to Send in Only One but Bigger Box?

If you have multiple items entered on the sales order and the packages assigned to the items on the Item Records are not the same then what it will do is it will create separate packages for each package size or type.

For example, if customer ordered the following:

    1. Item1 > Quanity = 2 > Package type assigned on the Item Record = Small Package
    2. Item2 > Quanity = 1 > Package type assigned on the Item Record = Medium 
    3. Item3 > Quantity = 2 >  Package type assigned on the Item Record = Small

When you fulfill this order, on the Item Fulfillment two packages will be created 1 for each type of package assigned to the items.

If you want to use only one package, i.e. one Large box, to ship these five items then you can just set it up on the Item Fulfillment.

On the Item Fulfillment, do the following:

1. Navigate to the Packages tab

2. Remove the Packages that were already created for the item by clicking on the packages > Click Remove button on both packages to remove

3. Enter the new package.

4. Enter correct weight on the Weight field

5. Select the appropriate Carrier Packaging on the Carrier Packaging field (if using your own packaging, select "Your Packaging")

6. If "Your Packaging" is selected in step 5 then select your package type use for this shipment on the Your Packaging field.

7. Save the Item Fulfillment

Also before saving the Item Fulfillment, since the package used in the shipment has changed, the shipping cost for this shipment would change as well. So to get the updated shipping cost for the shipment, navigate to the Shipping tab and calculate the shipping cost again by clicking on the Calculate button on the Shipping Cost field before saving.

If all of the items on the sample scenario have the same package type assigned to them then it will create only 1 package on the Item Fulfillment. If you want to use a bigger package for the shipments since all five items will not fit on one Small Package then you can also do that by following the steps enumerated above but instead of removing and creating a new package, you can just edit the existing one and set "Your Packaging" to the appropriate package type.



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