Monday, November 26, 2018

Show Item Cost of item fulfilled for multiple Item Fulfillments made from a Sales order.


Create a Saved Search to show Shipping Items and their amounts by following the steps below:

1. Navigate to Transactions > Management > Saved Searches > New > Transaction.

2. Under Criteria > Standard subtab, set the following criteria :
> Type = Item Fulfillment.
> Shipping Lines = False.
> Main Line = False.
> Account Type = Other Current Asset
> Tax Line = False.
> Created From fields : Type = Sales Order

3. Under Results > Columns subtab, mark the Show Totals checkbox and add the following Results field:
> Date
> Period
> Type
> Number
> Account
> Memo
> Item
> Amount, set Function to Absolute Value, set Custom Label to "Total Item Cost".
> Quantity, set Function to Absolute Value, set Custom Label to "Total Item Quantity".
> Formula (Numeric): Formula = ROUND({rate},2), set Custom Label to "Unit Cost".
> Location

4. Under Available Filters Tab:
> Select Created From fields, then Internal Id.

5. Set any custom name for the search.

6. Mark the Result as Public and Available as Sublist View.

7. Click Save.
B. Attach the Saved Search created to a Sales Order via a Sublist:

1. Go to Setup>Customization>Sublists.

2. Under the Transactions tab, select the Saved Search created.

3. Set a Label for the Sublist being created.

4. Select the Tab to show this sublist in (for example "Related Records").

5. Mark the Sale checkbox to make it available on Sales Orders.

6. Hit Save.

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