Thursday, November 29, 2018

Update Auto-Generated Numbers for Existing Records



Once a record is auto-numbered through NetSuite's Auto-Generated Number setting, its assigned number can no longer be changed unless Allow Override setting is enabled and the existing number is manually changed. This remains true even if a new Initial Number is set for the record type and the Update function is initiated.

When Allow Override is enabled, the auto-generated numbers assigned to numbered records cannot automatically be re-numbered. Instead, a user must edit all existing records then set the new desired numbering sequence. This can be done one record at a time or through CSV import (Data Handling = Update).

The Update function is used only to update records that were never auto-numbered before, i.e. records created while Auto-Generated Numbers setting is disabled. The Update function is not used to change the numbering of records with existing numbers in order to streamline with the desired numbering sequence.

To reproduce this, review the following scenario:

A user wants to update the Auto-Generated Numbers for their customer records.  From the traditional numbering (i.e. 1,2,3...), he now wants to update their customer numbers to this sequence 'CUST0001'.

Steps Taken:
1. Navigate to Setup > Company > Auto-Generated Numbers.
2. Under Entities tab > mark the Enable checkbox corresponding to Customer.
3. Set:
    - Prefix = CUST
    - Minimum Digits = 4
    - Initial Number = 1
4. Mark the Update checkbox.

4. Click Save.

Actual Result:
The existing numbers assigned to customers are not changed. Only those customers which originally did not have an assigned number were updated with the new number sequence.

The ability to automatically update the existing number format of records in NetSuite has been submitted as Enhancement 71541

As an alternate solution, see Revert Incorrect Invoice Numbering.

Note:  Applies to both active and inactive records.


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