Friday, November 30, 2018

View Opening Balance transactions (Journal Entries) created via Setup > Accounting > Enter Opening Balances

User will be able to pull up the transactions thatwere created via Setup > Accounting> Enter Opening Balances by performing the following steps:

1.  Navigate to Lists > Search > SavedSearches > New > Transaction

2.  Enter the following filters under the Criteriatab > Standard sub tab:

Type = Journal

Memorized = is False

Document Number = is not empty

Memo = is Opening Balance

3.  Perform the following under the Results tab> Columns sub tab in order to view whether the accounts were enteredwith positive or negative values:

·        Remove the Amount field

·        Add the following fields:

Amount (Debit)

Amount (Credit)

4.  Rename the search

5.  Hit the Save and Run button



·        The user will not be able to view the balancingaccount "Opening Balance" in the search result since that JournalEntry line item does not have Memo = Opening Balance.

·        To view all the accounts entered in the OpeningBalance Journal Entry transactions:

·        User should check one of the Journal Entries from the above search result to take note of the Opening Balance account used in the transaction

·        Edit the above search

·        Enter these filters in the Criteria tab > Standard subtab:

·        Hit the Saveand Run button

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