Monday, November 12, 2018

Zero Inventory Values displayed on returned Drop Ship Items


NetSuite calculates drop ship item's sales return cost if average cost exists on the location at the time an item is received.

Usually, drop ship transactions do not have an average cost calculated because the inventory items are directly shipped by the vendor to the customer. (e.g. no GL Impact on the Item Fulfillment).

Note: There are still instances that average cost is generated due to other inventory-affecting transactions entered outside the normal drop ship process. (i.e. inventory adjustment)

To ensure that the return cost is the same cost generated on the Bill associated to the drop ship purchase order, below are the steps:

1.Navigate to Setup> Customization> Transaction Forms> Edit the preferred Item Receipts form
2.Navigate to Screen Fields> Columns subtab and mark the Show checkbox for Override Rate
3.Click on Save button.
4.Open the existing Drop Ship Sales Order and click on the Authorize Return button
5.On the Return Authorization page, make sure that Drop Shipment box on the line item is disabled.
6.Click on the Save button
7.On the View mode of the Return Authorization page, click the Receive button
8.On the Item Receipt page, mark the Restock check box and manually enter cost on the Override Rate field. (Copy the cost from the Bill associated to this drop ship transaction)
9.Click on Save button.

Note: Enhancement Request# 136121, "Customer Return of Drop Ship Item does not have an Inventory Value when restocked"

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