Sunday, December 9, 2018

Create a Related Records Sublist for Cash Sale Records

Cash Sale records  do not have a Related Records tab. Create a sublist to show all the cash refund and return authorizations created from that cash sale. Every time the Cash Sale record is opened, it will show those related transactions in one tab.

I - Create a saved search to be used as sublist:
    1. Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New.
    2. Click Transaction.
    3. Enter a SEARCH TITLE.
    4. Criteria tab > Standard subtab > select the following:
            - Type is any of Cash Sale, Return Authorization
            - Main Line is true
    5. Results tab > Columns subtab > select the following field: Date, Type, Number, Amount (and any other column as needed).
    6. Available Filters tab > Select Created From as the filter.
    7. Click Save.

II - Setup the sublist:
    1. Customization > Forms > Sublists.
    2. Transactions tab > select the saved search created in Step I.
    3. Enter a LABEL (this label will show as the tab name).
    4. TAB =  select the tab where it will be shown  
    5. Mark Sale.
    6. Click Save.

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