Sunday, December 23, 2018

Customize the Sales Tax Liability by Tax Item Report to see all the transactions for all tax items

The Sales Tax Liability by Item report shows sales tax liabilities that have accrued for the date range selected and the amounts due as payable at the end of that date range and these liabilities are grouped by tax code. Currently there is no link to view detail of all transactions included unlike in financial reports. Users should click on each amount columns if they would like to see the transaction list per tax item. Alternatively, report users can customize the Sales Tax Liability by Tax Item report to see the details in one report by following the steps below:

1.    Navigate to Reports > Sales Tax US > Sales Tax Liability by Tax Item > Customize.

2.    You will be redirected to the Report Builder.

3.    On the Edit Columns link, add the following fields from the Tax Liability folder.
--Abbreviation from the Transaction Type subfolder
--Transaction Number
--Name under the Customer/Job subfolder
--Name under the Account subfolder
--Tax Collected (Line)

4.    Remove the Tax Collected and Tax Due amount columns.

5.    Arrange the columns in such a way that it would look like the detailed report or simply move the columns Tax Rate, Total Sales, Non Taxable Sales, Taxable Sales and Tax Collected (Line) on the right side of the report.

6.    Set a report name.

7.    Hit Save.

8.    To access the report again, navigate to Reports > Saved Reports.

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