Monday, December 17, 2018

Exclude Assembly Components from the Open Sales Order Report

This happens when users add a column for Item Name to the Open Sales Order report.

To create the report:
1. Navigate to Reports > Order Management > Open Sales Orders > Customize.
2. Provide a Name for the report.
3. Click on Edit Columns link.
4. Expand the Open Sales Order folder, then the Item folder.
5. Insert the Name field.
6. Click the Filters link.
7. Under Open Sales Order folder, insert the Sold as Kit/ Assembly Member field and set its Value to:
      - Filter = equal to
      - Value = False
8. Still under Open Sales Order folder, expand the Item Type folder.
9. Insert the Long Name field and set its Value to:
      - Filter = not equal to
      - Value = Sales Tax Item
10. Click Save to view the report.

Doing the steps above, users should be able to run a custom Open Sales Order report for items that excludes Assembly components.

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