Thursday, December 27, 2018

Insert Before Setting on Custom Fields is Not Observed on the Form

  • User creates new Custom Body Field, under Display tab sets the Insert Before to a specific field
  • User also navigates to Apply to Forms and sets this field to show on all existing custom forms
  • User then navigates to an existing Custom Form and finds that this new field is not placed before the field they noted it to be before

Insert Before setting for custom fields only affects the placement of fields on Standard Forms and on the placement of newly created fields. To change the arrangement of fields on a Custom Form, user must edit the Custom Form.

This has been submitted as Enhancement

Alternate Solution:
1. Navigate to Customization > Forms Transaction Forms.
2. Edit the form.
3. Under Screen Fields tab, click the tab where the custom field appears.
4. Click the custom body field and drag it to the desired placement.
5. Click Save.

Perform the same steps for the other forms.

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