Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Marketing Campaign with Status = Planning is Displayed on the Campaign Response Report

There are two ways of tracking campaign responses:

1. Campaign Level

Lead Source field is used to track campaign responses on campaign level. Statistics for the whole campaign are gathered based on the lead source field value of the leads in the system.

2. Event Level

Event Level on the other hand is meant to be set by a online form or email response after the campaign is sent. Statistics for the events are gathered based on email responses and clicking on links in the email, shopping with the specified promotion code etc.

1. Do not use the criteria "Lead source = *the name of the campaign with Stage = Planning.

2. Use another criteria to create the groups for your campaigns. Instead of using Lead Source = Campaign, think of another criteria that can be used other than that. When you already have the modified dynamic group, then you can execute the campaign and the Statistics will update accordingly.

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