Thursday, December 13, 2018

Merging Records Merges All Transactions to the Customer Selected in the Merge Into Field


When merging Customers in NetSuite, all the transaction records change from the Merge From to the Customer set in the Merge Into field. To test, please use the steps below:

1. Navigate to List > Relationships > Customers > New.
2. Enter all the mandatory fields> Name it as Customer A > Save.
3. On the same record, navigate to Sales > Transactions > Click New Sales Order.
4. On the New Sales Order page, enter all the mandatory fields > select an Item > Save.
5. Go back to the Customer record > Edit > Click Merge.
6. On the Merge Customer page, select a customer in the Merge Into field > Save.
7. A pop-up opens with the following message: This action is irreversible.  Are you sure you want to merge these entities?> Click OK.
8. Check the Sales Order that got created under Customer A and notice that it now takes the name of the Customer selected in the Merge Into field.

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