Saturday, December 8, 2018

NetSuite Pages and Tasks That Are Available Only for the Administrator Role

Per Help Topic Standard Roles Permissions Table,
the Administrator role has ALL permissions at ALL levels.

Below are the NetSuite pages and tasks that are available only for the Administrator role:

Under Setup > Company

  • Company Information
  • Enable Features
  • Rename Records/Transactions
  • Auto-Generated Numbers
  • General Preferences
  • Printing & Fax
  • Email Preferences
  • Convert Classes to Departments
  • Convert Classes to Locations
  • Delete All Data
  • Administrative Notifications
  • Sandbox Accounts

Under Setup > Accounting 

  • Online Bill Pay
  • Shipping

Under Setup > Import/Export 

  • Full CSV Export

1. Employee records with Administrator role can only be edited by another administrator.
2. Only the administrators can edit all private and public saved searches, regardless of the search owner.

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