Sunday, December 2, 2018

Received Orders with the same date is not accounted for by the Supply Plan and Gross Requirements Inquiry

Received Orders with the same date not accounted for by the Item Supply Plan and Gross Requirements Inquiry is by design. The start date of the supply planning is midnight of the day. Once the On Hand quantity is established, the system then reviews 2 additional pieces of data: 

1. Past non-posting transactions (Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Work Orders, and Transfer Orders) that are not fully received, shipped, or built.

2. All posting and non-posting transactions that are recorded in the future of today (for example, an invoice may be recorded 30 days from today)

Based on these additional pieces of data (along with other item level settings, i.e. Safety Stock Level), we generate the requirements. 

To illustrate:
Assume Item A has 0 on Hand. Date today is 01/01/2016 and below are the transaction:

PO#1    01/01/2016                  1
PO#2    01/10/2016                  2
PO#3    02/01/2016                  3
PO#4    03/01/2016                  5

Then, you received PO#1 today and created Transactions>Demand Planning>Generate Supply Plan where calculation is monthly. The calculated Supply Plan is:

January            3
February          3
March               5

and Gross Requirements Inquiry page will show:

Beginning Balance                                0
Planned Orders - January                     3
Planned Orders - February                   3
Planned Orders - March                        5

Note that even after PO#1 has been received, it is still accounted for as a transaction to be received per above explanation. Therefore, the recommended solution is to either have the Item Receipt and Supply Plan show different dates, or re-run the Generate Supply Plan on a later date.



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