Thursday, December 6, 2018

Resolve CyberSource Error Reason Code 201 When Processing a Sales Order


Reason Code 201 means that the issuing bank has questions about the request. You do not receive an authorization code programmatically but you might receive one verbally by calling the processor.

Possible Solution/Action would be to call your processor to possibly receive a verbal authorization. For contact phone numbers, refer to your merchant bank information.

Once the Authorization Code has been provided by the Credit Card Processor, kindly do the following in NetSuite:

1.      Edit the Sales Order

2.      Go to the Billing tab

3.      Enter the Authorization code provided by the Credit Card Processor under the Auth. Code field

4.      Remove the value under the P/N Ref. field

5.      Make sure "Get Authorization" checkbox is not checked

6.      Save the Sales Order

7.      Fulfill the Sales Order

8.      Bill the Sales Order

9.      Go to the Billing tab of the Cash Sale and mark checkbox for "Charge Credit Card"

10.  Save the Cash Sale





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