Saturday, December 1, 2018

Revalue Open Currency Balance Fails due to Future Period Missing


1.    Review Setup > Accounting > Manage Accounting Periods

-    There is no period listed after the period you are trying to close (i.e. if you are in Feb 2012, Mar 2012 is not yet created)

2.    Proceed to Create March 2012 period

3.    Rerun the Month End Revaluation that failed

-    Month End Revaluation completes without error. It successfully creates the revaluation for Feb 2012 and creates the automatic reversal dated the first day of the March 2012 period.


1.    As part of the New Currency Revaluation Engine, when revaluations are ran for Open Receivable/Payables/Bank,a revaluation dated on last day of the month you are processing is created, this in turn creates a reversing entry posted to the first day of the next period. Therefore users must make sure that the next period is active and existing. 

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