Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Revenue Commitment throws "The total vsoe allocation in a bundle must equal the total bundle sales amount".

Generating Revenue Commitment transaction throws the error message: "The total VSOE allocation in a bundle must equal the total bundle sales amount" because one transaction line item is not carried in the Revenue Commitment page. A transaction line item is not included in the revenue commitment if it is not yet fulfilled and the Can be Fulfilled/Received button is enabled on the item record. If this preference is enabled, the transaction line must be fulfilled first before being able to commit the revenue.

To be able to commit revenue before the fulfillment of a line or order, enable the Allow Revenue Commitment in Advance of Fulfillment.

Here are the steps that can be followed:

1. Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences.

2. On the General tab, go to the Revenue Recognition section then mark the Allow Revenue Commitments In Advance of Fulfillment.

3. Hit Save.

4. Go back to the sales order and hit the Commit Revenue radio button.

5. Hit Save on the New Revenue Commitment page.


NetSuite will now allow users to save the transaction without any error.


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