Thursday, December 13, 2018

Saved Search email alert when Sales Order status changes from Pending Fulfillment back to Pending Approval

1. Navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New.

2. Select Transaction as the Search Type.

3. Enter a Search Title.

4. Under Criteria tab > Standard sub tab, add the following filters:

    Type = Sales Order

    Main Line = T

5. Under Results tab > Columns sub tab, add the fields you want.

6. Under Email tab, do the following:

    Mark Send Email Alerts When Records are Created/Updated checkbox.

    Set recipients under Specific Recipients sub tab and set Send on Update = T.

    Under Updated Fields sub tab, add this:
         Field = Document Status

         Old Value = Pending Fulfillment

         New Value = Pending    Approval

    Under Customize Message sub tab, enter any custom message if applicable.

7. Click Save.


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