Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Setup Commission Payroll Item without the Commission’s Module

Earning:Commission payroll item type is used in conjunction with the commissions (incentive compensation) module.  To pay commission via payroll without the incentive compensation module, payroll users can set up an Earning:Addition payroll item.


To create an Earning:Addition payroll item, kindly follow the steps below:


1.      Navigate to Lists > Employees > Payroll Items > New

2.      On the Item Type field, choose Earning:Addition

3.      Enter the Item Name

4.      Select the Expense Account

5.      Select the appropriate Pay Code

6.      Tick Allow Entry from Create Payroll check box if the user wants to enter the

         Commission amount on the create payroll screen.

7.      Fill out all other applicable fields on the screen

7.      Hit the Save button

8.      Click the Edit button

9.      Tick the Apply box to associate the payroll item to an employee

10.    Hit the Save button

11.    Navigate to Setup > Payroll > Update Payroll Information. Tick the Agree box

         and click the Commit Updates button


For complete reference, please see topic Creating Payroll Earning Items.


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