Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Show all the accounts of the Income Statement report in the Balance Sheet report

The Net Income section in the Balance Sheet report is a reference row.  If we click the amount, it will open the Income Statement Report.  Below are the steps to show all the accounts used in the income statement:

1. Reports>Financial>Balance Sheet>Customize Summary.
2. Click Edit Layout.
3. Expand the Equity section.
4. Remove the Net Income reference row.
5. Remove the Retained Earnings Section.  If you will not remove this section, the customized balance sheet report will be overstated by the section's amount, which comes from the net income accumulated for the previous years.  For more information look into the topic Year-End Closing in NetSuite Help Center.
6. Add a new financial section by selecting Add Financial Section.  Make sure that you will choose the Create New Section when you got the box asking "How would you like to insert the row?"
7. Make sure the new financial section will be placed after Equity.
8. Rename the Header Label to Net Income.
9. On the Filter, choose Account Type.  A new window will pop up.  Make sure that the following account types will be chosen: Income, COGS, Expenses, Other Expense and Other Income.  Note that the amounts shown per account are on "As of" basis.
10. Click Preview to preview the report or Save to save the report.
11. You can check the total amount of the Net Income section of the customized balance sheet report by opening the standard Income Statement.

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