Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Trigger an Email Alert When a New Folder Is Created in File Cabinet

To create an email alert when a new folder is created in the File Cabinet, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Reports > New Search > System Note.
2. Click Use Advanced Search.
3. Click Create Saved Search.
4. Under Criteria tab, set the following:
---Type = Create
---Date = Within Yesterday
---Formula (Text)
-----------Function = Empty
-----------Field = Field (this will populate the formula box with the value of {field}
-----------Formula (Text) Starts With = Folder (or Is = Folder)

5. Under Results Tab select the fields you want to see (i.e. Record, Set By, Date, Type, Field etc)
6. Under Email tab set it to 'Send Email According to Schedule', 'Summarized Scheduled Email' and place your employee record under the 'specific recipients' tab
7. Give your search a name then Save it.

Everyday you will get an email with results of the folders created the day before. If you want to receive this email even if there were no folders created then make sure to mark the 'Send if no Results' check box under the Email tab.  

You can also run the search on your own daily if you want by just going to list of saved searches. The reason why this is set to send by day and not when records are created is because the option is not available.


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