Thursday, December 6, 2018

Unable to Fulfill a Sales order due to Mismatch of the Bin Quantity on Hand vs Bin Quantity Available



There are two possible reasons why the bin quantity on hand is not the same with bin quantity available.

1. There are item fulfillments with Picked or Packed status for the item. If an item fulfillment has a picked or packed status, it is removed from quantity available of the bin but not in the bin quantity on hand.

To check this, create a saved search:

1. Navigate to Reports > New Search > Transaction > Criteria = Type is Item Fulfillment, Status = Picked or Packed, Item = the item in the sales order > Results tab = Make sure that the Number and the Status is entered > Preview.

If there are item fulfillments in the search results, it is now the customer's discretion if he wants to delete the item fulfillments to fulfill the sales order he wanted to fulfill or leave it as it is, since he just does not have an idea that there are other orders where the item is already picked or packed.

2. If there are no item fulfillments in the search results, then that means the bin is still recalculating, the system is recalculating the bin quantity (the process is just like COGS recalculation as well). Usually this happens during off peak hours. It would be best to fulfill the sales order the next day.

Note: An enhancement request was created for NetSuite to have an indication if the bin is recalculating or not. It is tracked by Issue 188756 - Lists > Accounting > Items > Edit item > Inventory Tab > Bin subtab > Please add any indication that bin quantity is recalculating.

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