Monday, January 14, 2019

Apply a Promo Code to An Existing Sales Order That Has Not Been Fulfilled/Shipped


Customer would like to give a discount to certain items in an existing sales order that is Status = Partially Fulfilled with new items that have not been fulfilled or shipped. Some of the items in the sales order had already been shipped. Customer would like to give a discount to the remaining back-ordered items that have not been shipped. However, customer would like to do this on the entire transaction without having to go into each line item to apply the discount.


You can apply a promotional code to an existing sales order on pending fulfillment, making sure of the following setup is applied to the Promotion Type = Standard Promotion Code only:

1. Display Line Discounts = T or F 
2. Rate is entered
3. Coupon Code is entered

***Item-Based Promotions, Order-Based Promotions or Buy X, Get Y Promotions cannot be applied to existing transactions.

As per our ERP specialist, here is what we can do to apply discount to the current items that have not been fulfilled/shipped considering that you currently have a sales order that is Partially Fulfilled. Since the system does not allow a promo code  to be applied to the current status of the sales order, do the following steps:

1. On View mode of the existing Sales Order (sample: SO1234), click on Make Copy
-The purpose is to create a new sales order for the items that are currently in back-order & have not been fulfilled/shipped.

2. On the new Sales Order, remove the items that have been fulfilled.

3. On a new tab to double check the Promotion Code (sample) setup:
Name = PromotionCode
Start Date = 1/11/2013
End Date = 3/6/2013
Discount = Discount
Display Line Discounts = T
Rate = 20.0%
Apply Discount To = All Sales
Available to all Customers = T

Number of Uses = Multiple Uses
Coupon Code= PROMO2013

4. On the new Sales Order, set Promotion field = PromotionCode. Note that the Rate, Discount & Coupon Code fields will be automatically populate based on the Promotion setup.

5. Note as well that there will be an amount applied to the Discount field below the Subtotal field.

6. Save the new sales order (SO5678). The Status = Pending Fulfilment should be noted.

7. As for the existing transaction, SO1234, click on the Closed Remaining Lines button from the Items tab in order for the transaction not to move forward with its current Partially Fulfilled state.

8. Save the existing transaction & note that the Status = Closed is set.

You can now then fulfill the remaining items from the new sales order (SO5678).

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